• Message from CEO

    CEO: Mr. LU Weiding

    Wanxiang Group dedicates itself to becoming an excellent corporate citizen globally. 

    Along all the years, we advocate the idea of respecting employees, caring employees, treating employees, and try to create a harmony atmosphere for our company. During the global financial crisis, we put forward the “Triple-Never” principle, which is “never fire employee, never reduce wage, and never drop the welfare”. This principle enabled us the stability of the workforce, meanwhile, it enhanced the cohesion and solidarity of enterprises. When Wanxiang develops itself, the company never forgets to devote our best to public welfare, environmental protection career. We put our concerns in environmental protection and energy saving in the company’s production, products and office duties. We support the “issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area” construction. We help when disaster came. We offer assistances to social education and health service. We hope the efforts we made can improve the local environment, and our company can grow together with the local society harmoniously and collectively. 

    Wanxiang Group clearly knows that the enterprise development is the basis of taking historic responsibilities and the source of taking social responsibilities. In order to do more things for the society, the Group needs to work on the enterprise business management. Under the guidance of the company motto “Tenfold in Ten Years”, on one hand, Wanxiang optimized its business management system; on the other hand, the company constantly provided more and more suitable products and superior services to the markets; moreover, Wanxiang Group continuously improved production process and quality control system, thus, helped our business partners to reduce cost, save energy, improve efficiency. 

    Trying one’s best to help the one who needs help is the original intention of Wanxiang Group’s philanthropy. As the basic unit of a country’s economy, enterprises should not only be a creator of prosperity, but also should take your social responsibilities. The bigger the enterprise is, the more responsibility there will be. Therefore, Wanxiang Group insists on putting increasingly investment in charity annually. We do not want anything in return, if any, our wish is that the one who received help can start a new life, have new hopes. 

    In the future, Wanxiang will fulfill each promise more dedicatedly, more attentively and more professionally. The investment for charity and education shall be expanded. In the meantime, Wanxiang is going to seek all different forms of cooperation proactively, and lead more enterprises and social units into the practice of caring and repaying society. 

    Looking forward to the future, only through long-term unremitting efforts, can Wanxiang become an excellent global corporate citizen. Last but not least, this is the forever power and goals of our development.